House Party


At New Years House Party we take a bunch of young people from all over the UK and create a large, exciting, family for a week. We eat together, throw water-balloons at each other and pray together. All in a large, wonderful house on the Isle of Wight, who not only house us but also feed us for the whole week.

Everyone that comes is put into a single sex dorm with an assigned dorm leader to torment. These dorm leaders will spend the week looking out for you, supporting you and trying to ensure that you have the best time possible. They’re great – and no we’re not biased!

We are unashamedly a Christian holiday and so we will be talking about God. But this isn’t scary, we recognise that everyone that comes to NYHP is different and comfortable with different things. So though we are excited about sharing our faith together there is no peer pressure here. You come as you are and we (and God) will welcome you with open arms.