New Year House Parties have been a part of Urban Saint's mission for generations. Our first New Year House Party took place in Wales in 1981/82, and whist the locations have changed over the past thirty-five years the heart of the holiday remains the same.

Leaders and participants come from all over the country to spend a dramatic five days living, eating, and generally causing healthy chaos together. It is always exciting to hear people's stories from over the years of ways in which the holiday had a significant impact on their life. Many of the current leadership team grew up attending the event and have carried on coming along to invest in the next generation of young people.

NYHP moved to Westbrook on the Isle of Wight in 2012 where it merged with another Urban Saints New Year Holiday. It has been an exciting few years for us as a holiday as we have worked closely with the centre, and we carry on seeking what role God is calling us to over the coming years.