Meet the Team

NYHP is led by a team of leaders from across denominations and locations. All leaders at NYHP hold DBS checks and references and pay for the event so that we can keep the cost down for you.

Grace and Will

These guys tag along and do whatever is required of them. In 2016 they've stepped in for Tim and Jenny but generally they can be found over-enthusiatically putting their dorms through their paces and running some of the wackier games. All fun aside, they really love the moment that young people decide to follow Jesus.

Grace and Will.

Alice and David

Team logistic. Alice puts the weeks programme together and David provides the much needed entertainment, and essential New Years Eve party. Nothing would function without them and the young people have such a good time because of them.

Graham and Rosemary

Graham and Rosemary are the heart of NYHP. They've been part of NYHP for many years now and it wouldn't be the same without their wisdom and support.

Tim and Jenny

These guys lead NYHP. They're taking a break this year but are still very much involved. They do it because they're really passionate about seeing young people come to meet Jesus.